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I’m Not Kissing Your Ass Any More, the perfect domain name for the fed-up spouse of significant other.

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Directory Of Dentist In Various American Cities Whose Patients Absolutely Rave About Them.

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Resources On Taking Proper Care Of Your Mouth And Teeth And Preventing Disease – Includes Books, Recommended Dental Care Aids, And Recommended Dental Care Specialists!

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The perfect domain for selling anything related to weddings, but especially wedding dresses.

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A major percentage of the population suffers from lower back pain, making this domain ideal for promoting all types of products and services.

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The perfect site for an affiliate marketer to sell bikinis, or post photos of models in thong bikinis and sell related products from links leading off the page!

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The perfect domain for any grandpa to show their awesomeness, perhaps by posting gifts for your grandchildren, or raving about them, or maybe giving each of them a section of the site to play around with and share with their friends, or sell affiliate products and use the proceeds to start a fund for your grands.

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This site could discuss the causes and treatments for acid reflux, with affiliate link to some of the products, both info products and physical products.

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Can be used to sell gifts all year, but heaviest sales would be during the holiday season.

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